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The NJ Office of the Attorney General's Division of Consumer Affairs defines a Certified Interior Designer as an "individual who, through education, training and experience, is skilled in interior design services for commercial and residential spaces and is certified by the board and holds a current valid certificate."

The term "interior design services" can best be defined as "rendering or offering to render services for a fee or other valuable considerations in the preparation and administration of interior design documents, including but not limited to drawings, schedules, and specifications which pertain to the design intent and planning of interior spaces, including furnishings, layouts, non-load-bearing partitions, fixtures, cabinetry, light location and type, outlet location and type, switch location and type, finishes, materials and interior construction not materially related or materially affecting the building systems, in accordance with local laws, codes, regulations and standards."

We charge a retainer fee up front and then deduct an hourly fee from that retainer.  Once the retainer has been exhausted we will ask for another retainer.  Please contact any one of our associates for more information.

We have worked on residential and commercial locations throughout the United States and occasionally overseas, such as:

  • New Jersey:
    • Chatham
    • Madison
    • Short Hills
    • Summit
    • Far Hills
    • Morristown
    • Mendham
    • Chester
    • Bernardsville
    • Martinsville
    • Kinnelon
    • Upper Saddle River
    • Cape May
    • Spring Lake
    • Rumson
    • Little Silver
    • Sea Girt
    • Mantoloking
  • Other US Locations
    • New York City
    • Long Island, NY
    • Staten Island, NY
    • New Hope, PA
    • Newport, RI
    • Chatham, MA
    • Nantucket, MA
    • Williamsburg, VA
    • West Palm Beach, FL
    • Miami, FL
    • Sarasota, FL
    • Indiana
  • Outside USA
    • Holland

Yes.  We will be happy to place an order with the manufacturer for a sample.  It will usually arrive in a few business days and we will call you when it arrives.  If you take the sample home with you, please return it to the store within two business days.

Note: Sample orders require a small fee to cover shipping and handling costs.

We will make arrangements to have furniture and wallpaper delivered to your home or place of business.  If you order a product, such as a window treatment, we will arrange for the product(s) to be delivered to the installer so that they will bring them when they install the product.  We will contact you to pickup small items, like throw pillows, from our store in Chatham.