Interior Design


Did you know that our company purchased the Wallpaper Cottage in Chatham, NJ in 1998? That's right, and we still specialize in wallpaper today! We have access to vendors you will not find in the big-box stores, and these are the vendors you want to buy from. Let us help you locate that special wallpaper that will amaze your guests.


With a worldwide network of manufacturers and dealers we can locate those hard-to-find pieces that really complete the space. Need to have a custom piece built just for you, we have those manufacturers too. Modern, Classical, French, mid-century modern, not a problem.


Don't we all love the feel of carpet under our feet. Yes we do, but it is hard to pick the right carpet that compliments your furnishings, color palette and more. We will make that an easy choice for you.

What about tile and hardwood floors? Our installers and wood floor refinishers will make your tired, worn-out floors the toast of the town.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are like the ribbon on a present... they just complete the look. And they also play an important role in filtering and blocking light. We'll help you pick the perfect fabric, trim, and necessary hardware , while our work room will craft your one-of-a-kind design. And we have the installers ready to professionally hang your finished product to wrap-up your present.


Need to find those special accessories that compliment your furnishings? What about lamps and lamp shades? Are you confused or overwhelmed when shopping for accessories. We have access to vendors and dealers across the country and we'll locate those special items you have been craving.


So many people are afraid to choose art for their home, and we recognize that it can be scary. Let our experience recommending special pieces and network of dealers simplify this process for you.

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